Bitcoin Chainparams.cpp

03/Jan/2009 - Bitcoin Genesis blocksomecoind: chainparams.cpp:127: CMainParams::CMainParams(): Assertion ‘consensus.hashGenesisBlock == uint256S("0x")’ failed. Aborted (core dumped) So I close the daemon and look for the debug.log file to get the merkle root, the genesis hash and nNonce. But the .somecoin folder is empty. I do the ls -a and there are no hidden files in the folder.

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11/02/2019  · Here is chainparams.cpp: // Note that of those which support the service bits prefix, most only support a subset of // possible options. // This is fine at runtime as we’ll fall back to using them as a oneshot if they don’t support the // service bits we want, but we should get them updated to support all service bits wanted by any // release ASAP to avoid it where possible.

Hi I have chosen a project relating to cryptocurrency for my University dissertation project. Do accomplish my goal, I have been trying to make a clean clone of DASH to use for project. I am stumbling when it comes to resetting / creating a new unique genesis block and resetting the other variabl.