How To Get Historical Data Excel?

I'm not sure how or if you can do this from Google or Yahoo!, however I know you can easily do it using data from Intrinio if you are looking for a Yahoo Finance.

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This spreadsheet allows you to pull historical data into Microsoft Excel® using RTD formulas.

For more data, you need the CQG Historical Data API.

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How to import historical stock prices into Excel?How do I get historical stock data for all of the stocks of NSE in an Excel spreadsheet?

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For each dataset, longer historical data series are accessible via the Query tab on the menu bar . The Query facility is a powerful tool.

Other related information: Query/Get Data: How to use it? Query: How to export my Query table into Excel?

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Get historical data for: Security wise price volume data, Security-wise Deliverable Positions Data, Security-wise Price volume & Deliverable position data.

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